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Inside the Mind of Stuart Ashing

There is an ocean of personal development websites and tools out there. And far to many churn out more “sameness”.

In the words of Steve Jobs “Think Different” to search and re-search for what is historically true and valuable AND what is coming¬† next.


We take the best of the best and blend with the best that is coming


Developing from interactive feedback on an individual and group level.

Salvador Dali


We work with a wide variety of industries and unique minds.

Great leaders have the ability to make strategic and visionary decisions and convince others to follow those decisions. Some are the Solo-Preneurs, inventors, or movers and shakers. Some are a part of major corporations.

As humans we all have our transitions in life to navigate. Personal and in business.


Are you present to your vision, top values, and needs, and those you lead?

Stuart Ashing International

Developing human potential and community for the benefit of society. Making available the best knowlwdge for that purpose.

Malaga, Spain E.U.